Jenny Grace Capuno

Hi students!

I'm teacher JENNY and I am from the Philippines. I'm a Computer Technology graduate with a degree in Secondary Education and am currently taking a Master of Arts in Educational Management. I am a licensed teacher with a TESOL certificate. I have taught ESL (English as a Second Language) since 2012. My students' age ranges from 7 to 60. I teach Business English, Travel English, Idiomatic Expressions, Children's Lessons, and more. I also do IELTS and TOEIC reviews. I obtained C2 Proficient in the EF SET English Test which is equivalent to 8.0-9.0 IELTS reading and listening, and 200-230 Cambridge English Scale.

My classes are always fun and interactive. I want my students to learn how to speak English confidently. So, if you want to learn English and have fun simultaneously, book my classes.

Thank you for visiting my profile. I hope to see YOU in one of my classes. Have a great day!
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